ITEC 2017: C4i Training and Technology Established (read the original article here)

Bartragh Services, LLC, a Tampa, FL/USA based US company has acquired C4i Consultants, Inc. of Calgary, Canada and established a new company, C4i Training and Technology, Inc. The new company will still be based in Calgary.

Bartragh announced that Harry H. Thompson, III has been selected as the new company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Brig.Gen. (Ret.) Thomas E. Putt will be the President of the new company.

C4i Training and Technology will continue to provide its constructive simulation products, Military Simulation (MILSIM) and Emergency Disaster Management Simulation (EDMSIM), and outstanding customer, software and training support services to the simulation community. To this, Thompson, who also serves as the Vice President of Simulation Services at Bartragh, stated: “The acquisition of a well-established simulation company like C4i with its reputation for truly outstanding constructive simulations supporting the Military and Emergency Management communities was a great fit for Bartragh. The easy to use, low cost simulations of C4i will provide tremendous value-added capabilities to the other verticals of training, intelligence and aviation within Bartragh and its activities around the world.

Thompson also added that C4i is expanding its training and exercise support capabilities to address a growing requirement for a comprehensive simulation training approach with low cost simulations.

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