What is EDMSIM?


EDMSIM is an interactive, electronic tabletop training solution for emergency response and crisis rehearsal training designed specifically for Emergency Management staff, Emergency Operations Centers and Civil Leadership. A highly flexible and adaptable tool, EDMSIM allows teams to improve communications, validate contingency plans and procedures and perform better in an environment which realistically portrays the environment of a natural or man-made disaster.

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Why choose EDMSIM?

Proven Performance.

EDMSIM is a proven performer used by the US Northern Command, US Army, US National Guard, Centers for Disease Control and NATO for the conduct of training exercises.

Inter-agency Operations.

EDMSIM exercises are scalable so that training can be conducted at a local, regional or higher level. All agencies responding to an event can be modelled.

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Contingency Plan Validation.

EDMSIM training enables the implementation and validation of previously prepared procedures and contingency plans. The Operations Center staff operates within the same venue and with the same resources as during an actual crisis.

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Resource Management.

All of the resources available for use during the exercise scenario are imported into the EDMSIM database as part of the scenario creation process. As in real life, the Operations Center staff must allocate and manage these resources during the course of the exercise.

Simple To Operate.

The software was designed from the outset to be operated by first responders with basic computer skills. With two hours of simulation instruction, the first responders learn to operate the simulation stations.

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Post Exercise Review.

EDMSIM provides replay of the simulation from any perspective and allows significant events to be highlighted. User defined reports can be generated detailing information on damage, casualties and logistic consumption.

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