08 July 2014

From February 25th to 28th 2014, C4i’s Exercise and Simulation team facilitated a wildfire training exercise for emergency personnel using the company’s award-winning EDMSIM application.

The emergency personnel training occurred in the country’s first regional Emergency Operation Center and Disaster Relief Warehouse located in Santa Rosa del Aguaray. James Thessin, the US Ambassador to Paraguay and Minister Joaquin Roa, head of Paraquay’s National Emergency Secretariat were on hand to mark the official opening on February 22, 2014.

The training was delivered as part of the opening of Paraguay’s first regional disaster relief hub. The following excerpts are from SOUTHCOM’s full press release:

EOC and DRW costs include funding to train emergency personnel who man and operate the facilities in times of crisis, said Pedro Corraliza, SOUTHCOM Humanitarian Assistance Program analyst. Training for the team in Santa Rosa del Araguay is scheduled to begin Feb. 24.

“They’re going to do scenarios,” he described. “They are going to learn how to use the (EOC) system, and they are going to learn how to communicate with national and international emergency-response personnel.”

Gordon Harrison, C4i Consultants’ Training and Exercise Manager, noted that the training was a huge success. Participants were able to identify key areas of concern in their emergency response plan and adjust the location and number of key assets to be better prepared for future emergencies and disasters.


Contact info@www.c4itrgtech.com, or call: (403) 241-3264 ext for more information about this training exercise and how EDMSIM can be used to meet your specific training needs.


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