C4i & CDEMA Partner To Save One Million Lives

C4i and CDEMA

(Pictured above) In recognition of signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two organizations for the One Million Lives Project, Denean Tomlin, Project Manager, C4i Consultants, shakes hands with Ronald Jackson, Executive Director, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) at the CDM Annual conference in Nassau, Bahamas. C4i and CDEMA have recently partnered in an effort to provide more effective training and preparation for disaster situations in the Caribbean.

About the One Million Lives Project:

In collaboration with C4i, CDEMA is embarking on a multi-phase project to create a world-class Emergency Disaster Management training facility with remotely deployable classrooms. C4i’s EDMSIM (Emergency and Disaster Management Simulation) software will be used to equip trainees with realistic tabletop exercises.

The facility and training resources intend to have a positive impact in the area of comprehensive disaster management (CDM), with specific measurables in capacity building, multi-agency collaboration and integration, and training the CDM leaders of the future.

At the conclusion of the one-year project, there will be ongoing activities and support to ensure the benefits create lasting and sustainable programming for CDEMA, its member states, key stakeholders and partners. The goal of the project is for one million lives to be saved as a result of proactive emergency training.

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