C4i Helps Children Back to School After Typhoon Nona

Typhoon Nona Aid

(Pictured above) Students and faculty from a damaged school in Mindoro, Philippines gather for a photo while school supplies and other aid are being distributed.

In early December, Typhoon Nona drove through the island of Mindoro, Philippines, killing over 40 people and leaving thousands without power or homes.

One of the typhoon’s many side effects was filling local schools with mud and water, destroying important student resources, such as notebooks and textbooks.

C4i, working through the Rotary Club of Downtown Mindoro, helped send over 1,900 children back to school this week by donating notebooks to replace the destroyed supplies during the flooding.

The news of Typhoon Nona’s adverse effect on the Philippines hit home, as our team at C4i is currently working in Southeast Asia to improve emergency management training to prepare for future natural disasters.

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