C4i Saving Lives in the Philippines

Pasig City in central Manila is especially prone to flooding this year due to a combination of the normal rainy season combined with La Niña.  In order to help protect their citizens, Pasig City hired C4i Training and Technology to build a visualization tool to assist with their flood management.  The Pasig City Flood Awareness Software Tool (FAST) allows city managers and disaster planners to easily input the expected rainfall and determine the best settings for their flood management systems around the city in order to mitigate flooding.

During an interview with BANDILA, Ritchie Van Angeles, Pasig City’s Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office Lead says, “[You] just have to plot the rainfall rate (how many hours and how much rain) and the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer will know what action they will make, either to open their pumps, evacuate people or send out response teams…Reducing risk should be the goal of all cities.  Let us not think we can’t do anything.”

C4i Training and Technology is proud to be saving lives in the Philippines and working to make our customers successful.

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