C4i Participated as Official Advisor in Largest Earthquake Exercise in Metro Manila

Last week, C4i participated as Official Advisors to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority for the Metro Manila ShakeDrill — the largest simultaneous earthquake exercise ever to be conducted in the area, with the goal of promoting a local culture of preparedness among residents for a possible 7.2 magnitude movement of the West Valley Fault.

The results of the June 22 event were immense. The Metro Manila ShakeDrill saw over six million participants – nearly half the city – and racked up over 3.5 billion impressions on Twitter, trending the hashtag #MMShakeDrill.

For C4i, participating in such a wide scale engagement event was a proud milestone. It was an inaugural run for our EDMSIM software to be used at a national earthquake drill, and also the product’s initial use by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority.

As the exclusive company selected to be Official Advisors, C4i provided assistance both in Metro Manila at a regional level and also deployed a training team to the National Headquarters.

One of the members of the deployed training team was Nigel Whittaker, who recently worked with Emergency Management BC on the largest earthquake exercise ever attempted in Canada. Whittaker’s expertise provided excellent advice and insight for our Philippines customers, and in turn, he retrieved valuable ideas to bring back to Canada for our future exercises.

Our President, Bruce Gilkes, also took part in the training exercise and notes, “A 7+ magnitude earthquake is one of the largest threats to life for the 12 million people living in the Manila area. This was a case where C4i’s EDMSIM disaster training software added a robust value to the comprehensive training efforts.”

C4i looks forward to continuing our support in helping the Philippines prepare for future emergencies.

Metro Manila ShakeDrill

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