Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Centre awards C4i’s MILSIM as CGF program

C4i Training is excited to announce that the Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Centre (CFMWC) has selected MILSIM as an integral part of the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) Modelling and Simulation (M&S) Infrastructure. Over the four-year contract, MILSIM will provide the Royal Canadian Navy with a Commercial off the shelf (COTS) constructive simulation and will be supporting the RCN to develop Canadian specific maritime requirements and features in support of future naval experimentation and exercise.

MILSIM delivers the Royal Canadian Navy an entity-based, real-time constructive battlefield command simulation, designed to support the training of Battlegroup, Battalion and Company Commanders and their respective staff, which can be used as:

  • CAX / Standard Simulation Centre. MILSIM is used just like other constructive simulation tools as a Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX) to train tactical/operational commanders and staff at the Company to Brigade level.
  • Classroom Instruction Tool. MILSIM is used for classroom demonstrations and practical exercises at all levels including at Command and General Staff College level.
  • C2/BMS Training Tool. MILSIM interfaces with C2 and Battle Management Systems for stimulated training.
  • Joint/Strategic Training. MILSIM’s use of aggregated controls and full logistics, maintenance, spares, medical and Joint targeting play allows for higher level exercises without sacrificing realism.
  • Live – Virtual – Constructive Training. MILSIM can be used in multi-simulation blended training events to ‘wrap’ a single or series of high fidelity vignettes / exercises into a larger context, to allow multiple levels of command to train concurrently. MILSIM easily connects to tactical level virtual simulators to allow the Unit and Sub Unit commanders to interact with a larger scale operation from within their individual vehicle simulators.
  • Operational Analysis and Experimentation. MILSIM has a built-in Monte Carlo operational analysis mode, that allows the simulation to be run in high quantity batches to gather empirical evidence and quantify the potential and likely outcomes of certain situations within a scenario.

About C4i Training and Technology:
With over a decade of simulation and software development experience, our highly skilled team of engineers and software developers have gained a reputation for creating products that prepare military leaders and emergency managers to effectively respond to complex situations. Our company and product solutions serve all levels of government and commercial organizations across defence, public safety and homeland security.

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