EDMSIM (Emergency and Disaster Management Simulation)

By Keith Gilson MBA, P.Eng., PMP

What is EDMSIM?

EDMSIM is a constructive simulation software that helps emergency response organizations, municipalities, and disaster managers collaborate in a highly realistic training environment to design and train for any type of emergency.  Whether it is an ‘Active Shooter’ in the local mall, a regional earthquake or a global pandemic, EDMSIM uses constructive simulation to improve emergency response planning and execution and fosters multi-agency coordination and collaboration with proven modern interactive pedagogical methods [1].  The software facilitates asset management and logistics planning, incorporates realistic social media feeds, allows for multi-net radio communications, and uses state-of-the-art digital mapping features to provide a global playbox for crisis rehearsal.  The software retains a library of scenarios and assets that can be run repeatedly to test and train for multiple courses of action and each event is recorded for an after-action review and corrective training.

Why use EDMSIM constructive simulation?

Unprecedented events are complex, dynamic, and can demand the coordination of many organizations and social groups including governmental and non-governmental institutions, emergency services, rescue teams, voluntary groups, and people from local communities [2].   During a crisis, failure to prepare and respond effectively can be costly both in terms of lives and infrastructure.  Organizations need to ensure their team’s proficiency in the four phases of disaster operations: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery [3], or a small emergency can quickly escalate in magnitude and complexity. Using constructive simulation, diverse groups can plan and train together from geographically diverse locations to easily rehearse each operational phase and simulate key responses such as mass casualty drills, search and rescue exercises and the mobilization of city services [1].


Disasters affect 350 million people on average each year [4].   EDMSIM constructive simulation provides organizations a powerful tool in emergency response planning and crisis rehearsal.   Used by our customers in Asia, North America, and the Middle East, EDMSIM is proven to enhance training outcomes and prepare your team for the next emergency.


About the Author:

Keith Gilson is the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for C4i Training & Technology


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