MIL-C2 150

What is MIL-C2?

MIL-C2 150

MIL-C2 is a Situation Awareness Tool designed to support Command and Control operations of small to medium sized military forces. MIL-C2 allows commanders at various levels (e.g. Forward, Theatre and Higher) to share the current operational picture (COP) of forces and planned operations. A simple user interface and automated position updates from military supplied, GPS-enabled radios allow commanders to quickly and easily share the operational picture to help make informed and effective decisions.

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MIL-C2 has three primary uses:

Digital Mapping.

MIL-C2 provides an easy way to use up to date satellite imagery of the areas of interest to ensure that the planning picture matches what the personnel sees in reality.

Situation Awareness.

MIL-C2 interfaces with both military and commercial grade GPS enabled radios to provide up to date position reporting for all GPS enabled entities. Simple geo-located reports such as SPOT or CONTACT can be quickly conveyed to commanders.

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Command and Control.

MIL-C2 allows commanders to create plans and orders that include geo-referenced locations illustrating key actions or objectives

Why choose MIL-C2?

Position Reporting, Simplified.

Automating vehicle-level position reporting reduces the burden of personnel in the field calling in position updates and requiring command staff to manually update the map. This frees up time for personnel and commanders alike to focus on the situation at hand and make informed decisions.

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Simple User Interface.

The simple user interface allows commanders and operational staff to become comfortable with the operation of MIL-C2 within a single 45 minute training session. MIL-C2 uses the Windows operating system, so operators are more likely to be familiar with the operation and “look and feel” than other Unix/Linux-based applications.

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Multi-Language Support.

Operators can switch on-the-fly between languages. Having the software in the mother-tongue of the users greatly reduces training overhead. MIL-C2 can have multiple languages running within the same operation. MIL-C2 is currently translated into English and Spanish, and can be translated into other languages relatively easily.

Interface to Position Reporting Systems.

MIL-C2 interfaces to GPS-enabled radios so that live position reporting of own forces appears directly on the digital map. This feature allows MIL-C2 to provide up to date position awareness of forces. Vehicles that do not have GPS-enable radios can be manually placed on the map and shared with higher or lower commanders.

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Distributed Situation Awareness.

MIL-C2 allows geographically distributed commanders to share a common operating picture. This greatly enhances command and control capabilities.