C4i Training & Technology’s employees are experienced in Operations Center staff development, crisis and emergency management training using the latest simulation tools.

Training Services

C4i Training & Technology is a trusted training services provider to customers around the world. Our experts not only analyze the problem and recommend training, but also they bring the training solution with them to help your staff practice working together under realistic training conditions.

Our simulation-based training is a unique way to ensure that everyone knows what to do, when to do it and who to talk to during even the most stressful events. The old training methods just don’t work – You need the staff to experience the event, not just talk about it.

Exercise Design & Delivery

C4i Training & Technology has a large amount of expertise delivering exercises of all types. Our training experts will work within your constraints to produce the best possible exercise solution. The advantage C4i Training & Technology has over other vendors is that our training experts will use our in-house computer simulation tools to add realism and training value to your exercise. Since we own these tools, there is no additional ramp up time and no additional expertise required.

Emergency Response Plans

C4i Training & Technology has experience building Emergency Response Plans (ERP), but what differentiates us from others is our ability to test, validate and train people on the ERP after it has been built. We use our world-class simulation products to run different scenarios to test the effectiveness of the plan. Then, based on what we learned with the simulation, we adjust the plan to ensure that it will work in real life. We believe it is not about creating a plan; it is about creating a plan that works.