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Using adult learning principles, we build a learning approach to deliver the benefits using different levels of interactivity, and tools ranging from computer-based learning to full immersion learning such as simulations in a virtual reality setting.

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eLearning solutions are accomplished with experienced Instructional Designers, Graphics Artists, Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), developing custom and targeted solutions based on your business and learning objectives.


Our Approach

Our process starts with comprehensive needs assessments to understand past challenges, retention rates, and learner preferences.

Collaborating with Subject Matter Consultants, we employ the Successive Approximation Model (SAM) to design and develop comprehensive training curricula that prioritize the learner's perspective. The content guides the choice of interactivity and learning models, aligned with the course objectives.


Complete a thorough needs assessment, ensuring a full understanding of the learning objectives and what the intent is to bridge the gap between your company/course's current state and where they want to be. 

Develop a stratgegy through a discovery process and project plan to keep all parties on track. 

Design storyboards, driven by content that has been curated from subject matter expert interviews and additional subject matter content. 

Develop a first look or prototype of each eLearning module, including design specifications to the provided branding guidelines.  

Complete additional changes, providing both an Alpha and Gold (Final) version of the deliverable.  

Upon receiving approvals, accessibility QA checklists will be completed and provided for assurance. 

What about multimedia?

Our decision on the level of interactivity considers four key factors:

1 - Nature of Content

What knowledge and skills need to be conveyed?

2 - Target Audience

Who are the learners, and what is their level of expertise?

3 - Budget

What are the financial constraints, and what is the cost of incomplete learning?

4 - Technological Infrastructure

How will the training be delivered?

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Designed to foster active engagement, C4i T&T incorporates interactive and immersive techniques suitable for a variety of sectors. From customizable eLearning modules and virtual reality environments to gamification and collaborative platforms, our offerings are crafted to enhance learning, operational readiness, and strategic execution. These solutions are adaptable to diverse needs, ensuring not only effective knowledge and skill development but also supporting complex operational and strategic initiatives in high-stakes environments.

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