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With a team consisting of experienced Engineers, Enterprise Architects, Management Consultants and Mission Specialists, we are a leading provider of program and project management consulting and engineering support services using well known tools such as SAFe, Agile Scrum, Kanban, ISO, ICS & PMI.

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We are uniquely positioned to address the complex economic and technical problems that both government and private sector organizations face daily.

Our Clients receive tangible solutions driven by our subject matter expertise and operational flexibility that allow our Clients to gain a competitive advantage within their marketplace.


Designed to foster active engagement, C4i T&T incorporates interactive and immersive techniques suitable for a variety of sectors. From customizable eLearning modules and virtual reality environments to gamification and collaborative platforms, our offerings are crafted to enhance learning, operational readiness, and strategic execution. These solutions are adaptable to diverse needs, ensuring not only effective knowledge and skill development but also supporting complex operational and strategic initiatives in high-stakes environments.

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Sustainable Programming Initiative

Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends to our code. This 'Green Coding' badge signifies our dedication to eco-friendly programming practices, ensuring our technology not only advances the future but also protects our planet.

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