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C4i Training & Technology (C4i T&T) enhances command capabilities in any combat or preparedness situation. 

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C4i T&T's software product suite brings together ‘modeling and simulation’ and ‘command and control’ in a highly interoperable solution for both the private sector and government entities.

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Our software can be used for trade analysis, engineering design and course-of-action development.

Our attention to user-centric design and adaptable configuration allows you to easily scale the tools that small teams or complex enterprise organizations find intuitive and easy to use.

Collage of military training and digital interface, with 'Keystone' logo, depicting a training information management system.



Training / 
Training Information Management System & LMS (Learning Management System)

Keystone is an on-premise or web-hosted application that provides centralized control and management of military training facilities. Its features include campus and facilities management, target control systems, synthetic training environments, and integrated technological infrastructure. Keystone also offers comprehensive functionalities like CCTV, trainee location awareness, and tactical radio and sensor data management, coupled with an advanced After Action Review (AAR) system, ensuring efficient and effective training operations.

Military training simulation with troops and helicopter, with 'MILSIM' logo indicating a military simulation tool.



Training / 
Multi-Dimensional Simulation Tool for Military Training

MILSIM is an entity-based constructive simulation tool designed to train commanders and staff from company level and above. It offers rapid scenario development, full-spectrum play for joint operations, multi-language support, and interfaces with LVC & C4ISR systems. MILSIM is portable, deployable, and enables post-training reviews, making it versatile for command post training, action analysis, and as a driver for advanced systems. Its adaptability and comprehensive features make it ideal for diverse military training needs.

Collage of emergency response personnel and operations center, with 'EDMSIM' logo overlayed, representing emergency management software.



Simulation / 
Emergency Response and Crisis Rehearsal Software

EDMSIM is an interactive electronic tabletop training solution, specifically designed for Emergency Management staff, Emergency Operations Centers, and Civil Leadership. It provides a highly flexible tool for improving communications, validating contingency plans, and enhancing performance in environments that realistically portray natural or man-made disasters. Key features include social media feeds integration, virtual reality capabilities, multi-source voice communication, cross-border operations support, and an After-action Review (AAR) system.

Military vehicles and personnel in action with a composite logo of air, land, and sea military symbols, representing an operations simulation tool.



Simulation / 
Full Spectrum Operations Simulation Tool

FS-OPS is a multifaceted, entity-based simulation tool for joint theatre-level operations, enhancing command post training and action analysis. It simulates surface, subsurface, land, and air entities for comprehensive joint operations. The tool supports rapid scenario development, integrates with C4ISR systems, and offers high-fidelity interface to LVC systems. FS-OPS is built for the modern battlespace, enabling commanders to plan, prepare, execute, and assess within realistic environments, thereby improving operational readiness.

Firefighter in gear with biohazard and radiation symbols, with 'EEM' logo, associated with emergency and crisis management software.



Emergency Management / 
Exercise Event Manager Tool

EEM is a tool designed to enhance training for Emergency Response teams. It allows users to rapidly create and collaboratively design diverse emergency scenarios, integrating multimedia elements and a graphical timeline for effective visualization. EEM supports remote collaborative exercise design and is fully integrated with EDMSIM, offering a seamless experience in emergency management training. Its key strengths are in facilitating rapid, reusable scenario creation and delivering real-time information during exercises.

Military armored vehicle with the 'MIL-C2' logo, signifying a command and control support tool.



Operations / 
Command and Control Operations Support Tool

MIL-C2 is a situational awareness tool tailored for medium-sized military forces, enhancing Command & Control operations. It features an intuitive interface with geo-referenced plan and order creation, and integrates with GPS-enabled radios for real-time position updates. MIL-C2's key capabilities include digital mapping, situational awareness through GPS interfacing, and command and control with MIL-STD 2525C symbology support. It's designed for scalability, supporting various deployment models and integration with external systems.

mergency operations center in action, with 'SENTIO' logo, representing a situational awareness tool for emergency management.



Emergency Management / 
Emergency Operations Situational Awareness Tool

SENTIO is a lightweight, intuitive tool designed to enhance situational awareness in emergency operations. It allows users at various levels to share a current operational picture, integrating digital mapping and situational awareness with GPS-enabled devices. The tool features a simple user interface, automated position updates, and multi-language support. SENTIO is ideal for incident commanders and responders, streamlining decision-making and communication during emergencies.

Operational center with military staff using computers and 'RADIUS' logo, representing a communication planning tool.



Operations / 
Communication Planning Tool

RADIUS is a user-friendly tool designed for streamlined communication planning in military operations. It simplifies creating and managing communication instructions, allowing for collaborative planning across various levels. Key features include a simple workflow for organizing charts, frequency lists, and radio nets, enhancing operational tempo. RADIUS stands out for its improved speed, accuracy, and adaptability to different equipment configurations, making it an essential tool for efficient military communication strategy.

Control room with staff at computer stations and 'FAST' logo prominently displayed, symbolizing a flood awareness and response tool.



Emergency Management / 
Flood Awareness Software Tool

FAST is a tool designed for emergency response and mitigation planning in flood scenarios. It provides quick analysis of flood zones based on topography and rainfall over time, enabling users to identify evacuation routes and mitigation strategies. Utilizing GIS data, FAST allows for dynamic forecasting of flood risks, timeline-based mitigation planning, and effective evacuation planning. This tool is particularly valuable for decision-makers, planning officials, and emergency disaster responders in preparing for and mitigating flood impacts.


Designed to foster active engagement, C4i T&T incorporates interactive and immersive techniques suitable for a variety of sectors. From customizable eLearning modules and virtual reality environments to gamification and collaborative platforms, our offerings are crafted to enhance learning, operational readiness, and strategic execution. These solutions are adaptable to diverse needs, ensuring not only effective knowledge and skill development but also supporting complex operational and strategic initiatives in high-stakes environments.

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