C4i Training & Technology (C4i T&T) provides a wide array of advanced engagement solutions, catering to military AAR, emergency response, preparedness, and professional services in project management, consulting and engineering support.

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Designed to foster active engagement, C4i T&T incorporates interactive and immersive techniques suitable for a variety of sectors. From customizable eLearning modules and virtual reality environments to gamification and collaborative platforms, our offerings are crafted to enhance learning, operational readiness, and strategic execution. 

The following solutions fit into the three pillars of our business and  adaptable to diverse needs, ensuring not only effective knowledge and skill development but also supporting complex operational and strategic initiatives in high-stakes environments.

Learning & Development



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Interactive Elements

Our "Interactive Elements" showcases a suite of dynamic engagement and learning tools designed to enhance user experience and knowledge retention. This includes popular activities like Drag and Drop, Hotspots, Flashcards, Interactive Infographics, and Image Juxtaposition. We also feature modern tools like QR Code explorations, Geocaching and Treasure Hunts, Word Searches, Crosswords, and Quiz-based knowledge checks. These tools are carefully crafted to make learning interactive, enjoyable, and effective, suitable for diverse learning environments and audiences.

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Branching Scenarios / Interactive Case Studies

We offer highly immersive learning experiences, utilizing diverse formats like cartoons, realistic images, 3D characters, video animations, real actor videos, and 3D animations. These tools allow learners to explore different outcomes based on their decisions, simulating real-world scenarios. They are ideal for enhancing decision-making skills and understanding complex subjects. This interactive approach ensures a deeper engagement and a more profound learning experience, adaptable for various educational and professional training purposes.

A learner engaging with diverse interactive educational formats, including cartoons, realistic images, 3D characters, video animations, and real actor videos, in an environment promoting active decision-making and exploration of various outcomes.
A group of professionals or learners engaging with a large interactive video display, actively making selections and interacting with the content in a dynamic, technologically advanced environment.
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Interactive Video

"Interactive Video" artfully combines professional video production and editing with interactive elements, transforming the traditional viewing experience into an engaging, participatory journey. Incorporating clickable hotspots, branching scenarios, quizzes, and decision points, these meticulously crafted videos invite viewers to actively shape their content journey, resulting in highly personalized and impactful experiences.

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Voice / Audio Production

Our Voice/Audio Production services are designed to elevate your multimedia experiences with a diverse range of high-quality voiceovers in multiple languages. We specialize in crafting compelling audio narratives, bringing scripts to life with professional voice artists who are fluent in a variety of languages. Whether it's for educational content, corporate training, or promotional materials, our multilingual voiceovers add a layer of authenticity and global appeal, ensuring your message resonates with audiences worldwide. With meticulous attention to tone, clarity, and cultural nuances, our audio production expertise guarantees an impactful and engaging auditory experience for every listener.

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Badging / NFTs / Gamification

These learning elements encompass a creative range of engagement and recognition tools. We offer innovative badging and certification frameworks, including artistic designs and Blockchain-based micro-credentials and NFTs. Our portfolio also features interactive trivia games in various styles like Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, as well as browser-based MMORPGs and executable games. These elements are designed to motivate and recognize achievements, making learning both rewarding and fun.

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Our simulations offer a versatile range of immersive learning experiences. We specialize in creating both individual and Multiplayer Online (MO) roleplaying simulations, along with cause-and-effect scenarios. These simulations range from simple software-based interactions to complex simulations that replicate real-world jobs and experiences. Designed to provide practical, hands-on learning, they are perfect for enhancing skills and understanding in a controlled, yet realistic environment. These simulations are an effective tool for training, education, and skill development, adaptable to various learning needs and complexity levels.

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3D / Animation

C4i's courses and learning elements feature a rich array of interactive and dynamic visual content. With a skilled team of artists, animators, voice actors, and post-production experts, we create engaging 3D models, interactive videos, and animations in multiple languages. These elements are perfect for creating immersive learning experiences and conveying complex information in an accessible, visually appealing format. Our capabilities cater to any project size, ensuring high-quality, impactful visual storytelling.

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VR / AR / Mixed Reality

C4i revolutionizes learning by immersing users in highly interactive, three-dimensional environments. Leveraging Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality technologies, we create captivating educational experiences that transcend traditional learning boundaries. These technologies offer hands-on, realistic scenarios for a wide range of applications, enhancing understanding and retention through experiential learning. This approach is ideal for training, skill development, and educational purposes, providing an unparalleled level of engagement and interactivity.

AI UX Persona
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AI / UX Personas

C4i's AI / UX Personas department integrates cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence with User Experience (UX) design to create personalized learning pathways. Leveraging AI, we tailor educational experiences to individual learning styles and needs, ensuring a more engaging and effective process. Our UX Personas approach involves creating detailed user profiles to guide the design of our learning solutions, making them more intuitive and user-friendly. This fusion of AI and UX design allows for a highly adaptive and responsive learning environment, suitable for a diverse range of learners.

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Storyboard Development

Our Storyboard Development service is the creative nexus where your educational content takes shape, transforming ideas into compelling narratives for online and in-person learning, as well as multimedia productions. With a focus on engaging script development and detailed storyboard creation for animations and videos, our team ensures that every instructional design captivates, educates, and resonates with diverse audiences. By blending expert knowledge with imaginative storytelling, we deliver blueprints for educational experiences that are not only informative but also deeply memorable.

A creative workspace filled with the tools of the trade, both traditional and digital, highlighting the process of bringing educational narratives to life.
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Technical Writing

Our Technical and Creative Writing services are tailored to meet the intersection where clarity meets creativity. With a team adept in the art of language and the precision of technicality, we deliver content that ranges from detailed technical manuals to compelling creative narratives. Whether it’s for instructional design, product descriptions, or storytelling that captivates and educates, our writers are dedicated to providing content that is accurate, engaging, and perfectly aligned with your objectives. We ensure that every piece of writing not only conveys the necessary
information but also resonates with your intended audience, embodying the perfect balance of informative precision and creative flair.

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UX / UI Design

Our UX/UI Design services are all about creating intuitive, user-centered interfaces that blend form and function seamlessly. Our approach is to craft digital experiences that are not only visually compelling but also highly functional, ensuring that users find joy and ease in every interaction. By empathizing with the end-user, we design solutions that are accessible, efficient, and delightful to use, whether it’s for web platforms, mobile applications, or interactive media. Our designs are informed by the latest trends and grounded in solid usability principles, delivering experiences that are both innovative and familiar.

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Project Management

Our Project Management services are grounded in the principles of AGILE and SCRUM, ensuring swift, adaptable, and efficient delivery of projects. We specialize in orchestrating complex projects with a keen focus on collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement. Utilizing a variety of cutting-edge software tools, our approach is to streamline project workflows, foster open communication, and drive effective team dynamics. Whether it’s software development, product launches, or organizational change initiatives, our project management strategies are tailored to meet evolving needs, ensuring projects are completed on time, within scope, and to the highest standards of quality.

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Quality Assurance / QM

C4i's Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Matters (QM) services are dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in course development for educational institutions. We rigorously adhere to QM standards, a benchmark of excellence in post-secondary education, to guarantee that our course materials are not only academically sound but also engaging and accessible. Our QA process involves meticulous review and continuous improvement, focusing on course alignment, learner engagement, and outcome-based objectives. By integrating best practices in quality assurance and the principles of QM, we strive to deliver educational experiences that are effective, learner-centered, and reflective of the latest educational research and trends.

A group of course designers and quality assurance specialists engaged in a thorough review process.
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Learning Delivery

Our Learning Delivery department excels in distributing tailored educational content through various platforms. We support SCORM, LTI, xAPI (Tin Can), and various LMS systems like Brightspace D2L, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, and iSpring, including any proprietary client LMS. For businesses of all sizes, we offer hosting through our own PINNACLE LMS for higher learning and KEYSTONE LMS for military and AAR needs. This versatility ensures seamless integration and effective delivery of learning materials, tailored to the specific needs of different educational and training environments.

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Desktop / Android / iOS / PWA

Our team specializes in creating desktop Windows and custom mobile applications for both Android (available through Google Play or privately) and Apple (available on the App Store or via Ad-hoc distribution). Additionally, we excel in developing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which offer a unique blend of web and mobile app experiences. PWAs function like regular web pages or websites but can offer user functionalities such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access, typically only available to native mobile applications. This makes them an ideal choice for a seamless, efficient, and accessible user experience across various devices and platforms.

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Mobile App
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Amazon Echo Skills

Our expertise extends to developing Amazon Echo Skills, enabling voice-activated functionalities for a wide range of applications. These skills enhance user interaction with Alexa-enabled devices, offering an intuitive, hands-free experience. From educational content to productivity tools, our Echo Skills are designed to be user-friendly and highly functional, seamlessly integrating with the daily routines of users. This technology represents a step forward in making information and services more accessible and engaging through voice commands.

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Data-Driven Analytics

Our Data-Driven Analytics services are designed to empower educational institutions, instructors, and administrators with actionable insights to enhance student outcomes and overall efficiency. By harnessing the power of data, we enable stakeholders, including military organizations, to make informed decisions that drive success. Our approach involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from various sources, including student performance metrics, learning outcomes, and institutional processes. This enables us to provide valuable recommendations for continuous improvement, personalized learning experiences, and strategic decision-making. With a commitment to data-driven excellence, we help educational institutions and military organizations maximize their potential.

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